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FAQ’s – Implementation & Support…

How will you ensure a successful Implementation?
We adhere to a proven methodology which we have refined over several years. It is a simple yet structured process that manages the entire lifecycle of a project, from initial customer evaluation through to the various stages of system implementation and final go-live. We believe that our expertise with SAP Business One and the proven methodology we use to define and deliver final customer solutions reduces project risk and ensures project success.

How would you support me during the implementation?
We will provide a dedicated SAP Business One consultant who will work with you and guide you through every stage of the project, from initial project planning through to system configuration, conference room testing, user training, data transfer and go-live handholding. During the first week of go-live, your consultant will be on hand every day to help address any last minute teething issues and to make sure things go without a hitch.

How do you train my staff?
Training is provided in bite-sized chunks for one company at a time, rather than holding full day classroom style courses attended by multiple customers. This allows us to train your staff according to how the system has been configured for your business, and it takes less time out of the working day.

Do we need to rekey data into the SAP System?
Your existing system is more than likely able to export its data to an Excel spreadsheet. If this is the case, it will be a good opportunity for you to cleanse the data in the spreadsheet and remove old or duplicated data records. Once cleansed, we can then import data into SAP from the Excel spreadsheet. Master data such as customers, suppliers, stock records can be transferred this way, as can your outstanding orders and ledger transactions, making for a smooth transition to the SAP System.

My Accountant is used to Sage and is resisting change to a different system!
We will provide training for your accountant and give him/her the ability to obtain data from SAP Business One in the format they require. We will be happy to arrange a system presentation to your accountant before you decide to buy SAP Business One. We are confident your accountant will see the benefits that an integrated system like SAP Business One will bring to other parts of your business.

Can we customise SAP Business One ourselves?
SAP Business One is unique in that it provides easy to use tools that can be used by non-technical people to customise screens, create/amend reports and add database fields & tables. We’ll teach you how to do this during the implementation.

Do you offer Telephone Support?
For day to day queries and support, Signum provides both web & telephone support services. Using remote access tools (with your permission) our help desk staff can view your screen to observe a problem first hand and even take control of your mouse and keyboard to show you how to do something if you are unsure.

Can we still speak to our consultant after we have gone live?
Many system providers insist their customers use only the help desk for support once they have gone live. We believe a “newly live” customer should be able to speak directly to their consultant, if they wish. He/she knows your business and the way your system has been configured far better than anybody else and will be able to provide a very personal level of support. Our Consultant for Life policy means you are free to contact your consultant directly for support queries, general advice or just a little bit of reassurance.