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Implementation &  Training…

Software Implementation

We help you install and implement SAP Business One quickly and easily, minimising the risk and resources required on your part, to get you live with your new SAP solution as quickly as possible.

To achieve this we use the SAP Business One “Accelerated Implementation Programme”, or “AIP” – a comprehensive implementation methodology created by SAP to serve as a guideline for the system set-up and implementation process. The benefits to you of this approach are simple:

  • Eliminates surprises and overruns in time or budget
  • Enables straightforward migrations and integration, with few interruptions and low user stress.
  • Increases project transparency

Well-planned, customer-focused implementations that follow a structured framework are likely candidates for success. However, we understand that every business is different and that each company we deal with has their own specific requirements and complexities.  Although SAP Business One is an “out of the box” solution it is immensely flexible and can easily be configured to accommodate your unique requirements – our staff know how to capture the detail of your requirements quickly and easily, and can configure your SAP solution to deliver those specific requirements.

Our staff are experts in doing this, primarily because they all have extensive experience with the SAP Business One solution and have undertaken many implementations over several years, but also because SAP Business One is all we do, so their time and expertise  is not spread thinly over more than one solution.

Each project we undertake is assigned a lead consultant, a senior member of staff who is responsible for your system implementation.

The five stage approach can be summarised as follows:

  • This involves the formation of your core project team and the hand over between our sales and implementation team.
  • A project kick-off session is arranged to run through the functional requirements discussed during the sales process, introduce the project teams and discuss the initial plan, tasks and responsibilities.
  • The initial ERP software installation will also take place during this phase.

Step 2 – Project Definition

  • Here, our senior consultants will conduct a series of workshops and discussions with your key staff in order to understand and detail your key business processes and requirements.
  • Initial training will be completed so that both teams are able to define how SAP should be configured to meet the business management needs.
  • The output from this phase is the “Business Blueprint” document which forms the basis of the project moving forwards.

Step 3 – Project Delivery

  • Following on from the Blueprint phase, we will then focus on the build and configuration of your SAP system.
  • A pilot system will then be used during a series of workshops to test and further define the final solution.
  • This is often an iterative process as new requirements and functional configurations are identified as you become more familiar with SAP Business One and its potential.
  • Test plans are drawn up and the system goes through detailed process testing prior to being signed off.
  • When the project team is happy that the solution is ready to be implemented we then move on to the next stage.

Step 4 – Final Preparation

  • During this phase end user training is undertaken on the configured system.
  • Final data is also brought across and cut over plans drawn up.
  • The system then goes through final checks and reconciliation prior to switching over.

Step 5 – Go Live Support

  • During this phase we work closely with your users, ensuring that they are confident with the new system.
  • Our staff will also monitor the live environment and close any residual issues or tasks that were not seen as a priority for go-live.
  • They will then do a full handover to our support team, briefing them on the configuration and site specific set-up, before doing a final post go-live review with the customer


We provide one-to-one  training tailored to the needs of the individual customer. Training plans and materials are developed according to the overall implementation plan and content is designed to cover the specific configuration of the individual customers system.

We can either adopt a “train the trainer” approach where we train your in-house trainer, or a “direct” approach where we provide training to individual or small groups of users directly.

To compliment the one-to-one training, we also provide access to web based tutorials which walk the user through each part of the SAP Business One system. These are not essential but can be very useful for pre-implementation preparation or post implementation top-up training.