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Wholesale Distribution

Grow faster with SAP Business One

As a wholesale distribution business you are likely to face competitive pressures to keep your prices keen whilst offering a broad range of products that can be delivered ex-stock. Using the SAP Business One  from Signum , gives you complete  visibility across  all systems in real time and gives accurate and consistent data on sales, inventory, financials, and more to help you make smart decisions and power your business forward.

Key benefits for Wholesale

SAP Business One software enables you to build long term relationships with customers by tracking their buying patterns and prompting you when up-sell and cross-sell opportunities arise. More importantly, it enables your sales and customer service teams to have meaningful conversations with customers during and after the sales process.


  • Automated supply and distribution chain.
  • Optimised inventory management
  • Greater visibility into the true costs of orders
  • Faster and more accurate order processing
  • Anticipate Customer Demand
  • Increased efficiency and decreased costs
  • Improved access to information
  • Greater visibility of business performance
  • Reduced stock-outs and shrinkage
  • Improved traceability of products
  • Accurate forecasting

Case Studies

We have some fantastic references in this sector, so if you are a Wholesale business struggling with the limitation of your current system – contact us today!


Further information

Our business management software solutions aid the continual focus on the reduction of operating expenses, cutting of waste throughout the order-to-cash process, efficient management of inventory, integrating more tightly with your suppliers and of course, delivering exceptional customer service, which are all key business growth factors.

Our experiences in this sector have shown us that SAP Business One is able to help companies in 3 key areas: