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Chemicals & Coatings

Grow faster with SAP Business One

The Chemical industry is under pressure to maintain competitiveness whilst facing many challenges, including; regulatory requirements, safety issues and batch traceability and increased global competition.

We recognise the unique characteristics of chemical companies and offer industry-specific solutions to help you gain the leading edge. With SAP Business One from Signum, you can manage critical business processes, including supply chain planning and execution, manufacturing planning and execution, as well as sales and marketing. Plus, you can manage assets, analyse customer and supplier data, and manage regulatory compliance and other value-added processes.

Exclusive benefits for Chemicals

Rising raw material costs, extended supply chains and increasing regulatory controls, put ever increasing demands on Chemical manufacturers. With SAP Business One Industry Edition – Chemicals from Signum Solutions, we can work with you to deliver an integrated business platform.


  • Formulas
  • Batch control management
  • Production management
  • Ingredient declaration
  • Quality control
  • Complaint management
  • Product costing
  • Production scheduling
  • Data collection
  • Support for legal standards
  • End to end supply chain traceability
  • Maintenance and servicing of production facilities

Case Studies

We have some fantastic references in this sector, so if you are a Chemicals business struggling with the limitation of your current system – contact us today!


Further information

Our Chemicals manufacturing software is a powerful solution, simple to use and affordable..