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For Food & Beverage, Chemicals & Coatings, Wholesale and Foodservice businesses.

SAP has over 40 years of experience in developing and delivering solutions that dominate the marketplace. Its customers represent 86% of the Global Fortune 500 companies, and it has been estimated that 74% of the worlds transaction revenue touches an SAP system at some stage.

Having said that, to counter the “myth” that SAP is only for “big” companies, some 80% of SAP customers are small to mid-sized businesses, just like yours, that have invested in SAP ERP solutions and technology to solve their daily business challenges.

Different industry sectors each face their own different daily business challenges. It’s fair to say that the old “one size fits all” approach of older ERP solutions no longer meets the demanding needs of the modern marketplace.

Signum understand this and have developed a focus on key industry sectors where our experience is strongest, and where the proven capabilities of SAP Business One are most evident.  These sectors are:

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Most importantly, for these sectors we have been able to enhance our SAP Business One solution with unique pre-configured functionality which has been developed  to suit the precise requirements of the sector. Through the use of pre-configured settings and certified add-on modules, we have created what “Industry Editions” of SAP Business One, that enable us to differentiate our unique offerings from other SAP partners.

Our Industry Editions enable us to deliver a very close fit to our customer’s requirements and draw on our experience in these sectors, to ensure that our consultants are able to bring relevant experience and industry knowledge to each project.