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Case Studies Wholesale / Distribution

SAP Business One software from Signum provides complete real time visibility across all business areas, giving accurate and consistent data on inventory, sales and finance which ultimately gives you the power to make smarter business decisions and power your business forward.

Explore our customer stories to discover for yourself how the powerful features of SAP Business One can drive forward your Wholesale and Distribution business.

The first meeting with Signum blew us away. We were amazed by what was possible - from statistics to reports; being able to drill down into orders, invoicing and business partner information was pretty amazing for us.

Anna Lena Eriksson, Purchasing Manager

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Signum impressed us. They didn’t just talk about the technology for its own sake. Instead they focused on how SAP Business One would deliver the benefits we needed, which was what we really wanted to know. The payback on the SAP Business One software has been just twelve months.

Mark Yare, Managing Director

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Initial costs for the whole system and set-up was better than other similar systems that were available, and the SAP solution offered the flexibility that we needed as a company. We have now had SAP Business One for seven years and the system continues to grow with us.

Matt Philp, Product Development Director

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