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The Need For 360° Traceabilty

By Diane Harvey | Posted in BLOG, Chemicals, Food and Beverage, News, ProcessForce, SAP Business One

If you’re part of a regulated industry supply chain whether it’s pharmaceutical, chemicals or food, traceability is a necessary evil. Governing bodies and codes of practice regulate...

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“My Business Is Small – So Why Worry About Running Simple?”

By Diane Harvey | Posted in BLOG, SAP Business One

“My business is small – so why should I worry about simplifying my business?”” At Signum we hear this a lot from executives at small and even...

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SMEs Are Reaping the Benefits of Simplification

By Diane Harvey | Posted in BLOG, News, SAP Business One

According to a recent [email protected] paper, the need for business simplification has never been more urgent. Even small companies are having to become more global, outsource parts...

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